These days, more people are becoming addicted to viewing pornography on the Internet.  Web sites offer free glimpses into enticing worlds of sexual immorality, and the anonymity that the Internet has to offer provides a way of indulging in those desires in the privacy of your own home without the worry of getting caught by their spouse or other loved ones.  As a result, when the addiction is discovered by someone else, it often has such a devastating effect that families are destroyed as a result.

That's where Accountability Pal comes in.  Several of my friends have a passion for helping those with an addiction to porn, or they want to make sure their kids would not fall into that trap.  Accountability Pal monitors your network and emails you, or others, reports of what everyone is viewing.

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Version 0.1.1 Released
January 9, 2004
Accountability Pal now runs on Windows!  There is an installer which also installs the required WinPcap library.  Once installed, you should view the Installation Instructions.  Basically, the next step will be to click Start | Programs | Accountability Pal | Edit Configuration and edit the config file as described in the file itself.

As before, we need a lot more testing, documentation, and plug-in development.  However, there are some basic instructions in the README file included with the program.  Choose one of the following to download:

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Volunteers Needed!!!

We need volunteers to help make Accountability Pal the best it can be.  The main thing needed is more plug-ins for all the protocols.  Next, we need documentation (specifically an Installation Guide to start with).

I intend to port this to Windows as well.  I can get it started for the most part, but I will really need someone who is good at Automake, Autoconf, and Libtool to keep things in sync.

Finally, we need a good logo for this program.  So, if you are a graphics artist and want to contribute your artistic talents to this project, I'd really appreciate it.

Let me know if you are interested in helping out.

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